Waste management

Disposal and treatment of waste uses a lot of energy, which causes carbon emissions. Things that are sent to landfill also produce greenhouse gases when they decay. More emissions come from producing things to replace what is thrown away.

Why the contribution is important

To significantly reduce carbon emissions from waste:

  • Households will need to produce less waste. This will mean not buying things that will be wasted, buying products and services that are produced sustainably, and re-using and repairing belongings instead of throwing them away.
  • As much waste as possible will need to be recycled. The council will need to support homes to do this. Employers will need make sure their waste is disposed of responsibly.
  • Where waste can’t be recycled, it will need to be used for energy instead of landfilled.
  • The council will need to lead by example, reducing, re-using and recycling waste. The council will also need to educate residents and businesses and promote its existing waste and recycling services.

by Paul_LeicesterCC on November 17, 2019 at 02:39PM

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