Safe and Easy Walking

End Shared Space schemes

While the recent removal of street furniture such as traffic lights makes central Leicester more visually attractive, it makes life as a pedestrian much more difficult.  There are blind junctions (eg near the cathedral) where motor vehicles speed out across what to pedestrians appear to be pedestrianised areas. There is no indication of safe crossing points.  I understand and support the numerous petition that have recently called for an end to so-called "shared space" schemes, where pedestrians are the ones that get the lions share of the danger and thus the need for caution. See

Continental style pedestrian crossings at junctions

I believe it is the case that the only time away from formal pedestrian crossings that pedestrians have a right in law to cross the road is at road junctions.  Yet this is rarely respected by vehicle drivers. Let's have painted zebra stripes - no need for beacons, etc. at uncontrolled junctions where drivers must give way for pedestrians. These are in common use in Portugal and are usually respected.

Cut pedestrian wait times

Pedestrians have to wait for several signal cycles at many junctions where separate lights control different parts of the junction, even if no traffic is actually flowing where they want to cross.  Introduce a 'proceed with caution/give way to pedestrians' flashing yellow light (for both motorist and pedestrian) as is common in Germany so people don't have to be inconvenienced at quiet times.


Why the contribution is important

So that people can not only be safe, but also enjoy walking in the city.  Remember, children and disabled people including those with poor vision have needs too.

If parents feel their childre are safe they are more likely to use public transport.

by TownWalker on February 09, 2020 at 08:41PM

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