Consumer choices

As well as the carbon emissions we produce within the city, we are also partly responsible for emissions produced from making and delivering products and services that we buy in from outside. They could add at least another 40% to our carbon footprint.

Why the contribution is important

To significantly reduce carbon emissions our choices as consumers:

  • All of us will need to know more about the carbon footprint and other climate impacts of what we buy – so that we can make climate-friendly choices.
  • Customer demand for climate-friendly products and services will need to convince shops, manufacturers and suppliers to provide them. This includes using fewer disposable and short-lived products.
  • Overall consumption of meat, dairy and egg products will need to be a lot lower than today. There will need to be much more emphasis on plant-based ingredients. Food miles will need to reduce too.
  • Air travel will need to reduce a lot, unless zero-carbon flights become possible.

by Paul_LeicesterCC on November 17, 2019 at 02:34PM

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