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Heating homes using gas and using electricity for lighting, appliances and gadgets is one of the main sources of carbon emissions in Leicester. Lots of changes will be needed in homes, and many people will need help to make these changes.

Why the contribution is important


To significantly reduce carbon emissions from homes:

  • Homes will need to be highly insulated to keep warm using less energy. This will also benefit people who suffer health problems from cold homes.
  • Homeowners and landlords will need to replace gas heating with low-carbon alternatives. Most often this will mean using heat pumps, which use electricity to extract heat from the ground or air.
  • The move away from gas heating will increase electricity demand. Homes will need to have their own renewable energy like solar panels.
  • Homes will need to be kept cool without air conditioning, as this uses a lot of energy. This might mean fitting shades and shutters, or planting trees for shade.

by Paul_LeicesterCC on November 17, 2019 at 02:29PM

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